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Our project has been renamed Fresco from the old "Berlin", and most references to Berlin now refer to the Fresco project. See our description of the name change for more information.

Fresco is a windowing system derived from a powerful structured graphics toolkit originally based on InterViews. Fresco extends earlier incarnations to the status of a full windowing system, in command of the video hardware (via GGI, SDL, DirectFB or GLUT) and processing user input directly rather than peering with a host windowing system.

Additionally, Fresco's extensions include a rich drawing interface with multiple backends, an upgrade to modern CORBA standards, a new Unicode-capable text system, dynamic module loading, and many communication abstractions for connecting other processes to the server. It is developed entirely by volunteers on the internet, using free software, and released under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

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2003-03-30 New IRC meeting log up
2003-03-04 M2 released
2002-11-20 M1 released
Latest release
2003-03-04 M2

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